QUIZ: Is your house energy efficient? Find out!

QUIZ: Is your house energy efficient? Find out!


1. What are the main benefits of having your windows replaced?
All of them are correct! Apart from saving money, by having your windows replaced you are helping the planet and the environment!
2. What are the benefits of double-layer and triple-layer glazing windows?
The correct answer is C! Triple-layer glazing windows are typically more performant but they have a higher associated cost compared to the double-layer ones. It typically depends on the building owner which one to install (e.g. in a very noisy area, triple-layer glazing windows could be worth the investment because they consistently improve noise reduction compared to the double-layer ones).

Shutters, Blinds, Other shadings

3. Do the shutter, blind and shading systems have an effect on the energy efficiency of your building?
The correct answer is Yes! During the summer the shading systems are used to keep heat out as much as possible, preventing internal heat gains and reducing the cooling energy needs of the building. If the shading is dynamic, it can help reduce energy costs for cooling and heating in buildings by up to 70%.

Ceilings/ external walls

4. Can the height of your dwelling affect the energy efficiency of your renovation measures?
The correct answer is Yes! The height of the dwelling, and therefore the room volume to cool down or heat up, is one of the most important parameters to take into account when planning an energy renovation activity.
5. How much can the thermal isolation on your external walls decrease the energy consumption of your dwelling?
You can decrease up to 40% of the energy consumption of your dwelling just by isolation of external walls! 

Energy efficient buildings contribute to the local economic development, help in reducing the risk of utility service disruptions and also balance the energy price spikes.

Heating and cooling

6. Heating and hot water represent 80% of the energy demand of households in the EU. How much do you think is generated from fossil fuels?

The correct answer is D. Incredible, right? 84% comes from fossil fuels. It's time to change your heating system for a more efficient one. Are you aware of public incentives and other subsidies for energy efficiency in your country?  There are plenty of them to help you find the one that best suits you!

7. Which one is more energy efficient, an air conditioner for a room or for the entire house?

The correct answer is A. Surprising, huh? It clearly depends on the type of dwelling considered and the relative ACs. In any case, single room units have the advantage of cooling a smaller area, therefore they can be calibrated to reach the desired internal temperature with a minimum amount of energy. The central air conditioning cooling needs depend on the different zones of the dwelling, which temperature can strongly vary depending on different factors, making the required energy AC consumption very variable. In any case, central air conditioners are usually cheaper than single room systems.

Energy Policy

8. According to EU's objectives, which are the mid and long-term CO2 emission targets?

The correct answer is B! The EU Green Deal sets an ambitious mid-term and long-term plan: by 2030 the objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to at least 55% below 1990 levels; and by 2050 the objective is to be climate neutral (an economy with net-zero greenhouse gas emissions), thus keeping the global temperature increase to well below 2°C and pursue efforts to keep it to 1.5°C (in line with the objectives set within the Paris Agreement).