EEnvest Platform

EEnvest Platform acts as a Search & Match app to bridge the gap between building owners – interested in seeking financing to upgrade their buildings performance-  and investors that are willing to push the investment to generate profits and other impacts. 

In parallel, the EEnvest Platform mainstreams building energy efficiency investments by facilitating access and benchmarking of risk profiles, financial performance and sustainability impacts of the specific investment in a clear and standardised way. While the focus is on commercial office buildings, the implemented solutions are modular, generalised and scalable, then suitable for replication to extensive risk databases and models, different asset types and locations across the EU. 

A blockchain validation mechanism ensures the validity of the data in the EEnvest Platform, allowing the investors to trust the exchanged information, thus avoiding the need for 3rd party data brokers or the risk of data tampering on the platform. 

The platform allows the different users (or actors) to contribute to the growth of the platform. The EEnvest Search & Match Platform operates fully on the cloud and is accessible by the users via a web User interface on a Web browser, responsive to all types of screens and devices.